Sunday, 19 August 2007

Photo Assignment

In a random twist of fate the wife of the chap who made a painting of one of my photos has offered me a job!

She works for Look-Look in LA which looks to be some sort of market research company. The job was to take some photo-journalistic photos of 'macro-trends' for a presentation to a client. I have been offered $100 for 30+ photos by mid-September.

That sounds fine until you read the brief:

Please find pictorial examples of how these macro-trends trends have manifested into daily life, specifically related to parent/mom/child lifestyles. Be sure to include location and a quick description of what the picture is.

- Neo-Green: The green/eco movement is no longer isolated to granola/hippy-types. Green has gone mainstream. Green/eco products are now widely distributed, easy to find, well designed and sustainable. Consumers are quick to differentiate true green initiatives from "greenwashing." And they are researching and looking for products and services that are sustainable, carbon-neutral and renewable.

- Experiential Retail: Consumers enjoy retail environments that produce a sense of joy and discovery. Experience/entertainment at retail has become a significant replacement for traditional advertising. As consumers move away from intrusive advertising that interrupts and annoys, retailers are winning over their customers by delighting all of their senses at the store level.

- Collective Wisdom: Because of the Internet, consumers are harnessing the power of access to honest and authentic information and connection to the global community. In particular, the young mom demographic is one of the most active groups with this behavior. They are self-educating themselves and others on product information, recommendations and influencing potential future sales of products and services.

- Video Gaming: As video games become more and more ubiquitous across multiple demographic groups, there is a shift in the development in game genres and content development. There are emerging subcultures within gaming that is turning the industry on its ear. Girl gamers and casual female gamers are both strong in numbers and influence. They are forcing the games industry to create games that are more relevant and different from traditional "shooter"-type genres. They must pay attention to lifestage, lifestyle and psychology of the gamer. This is creating games that are more educational, cerebral, and emotional in nature.

Oh oh. That sounds a bit hard. I'll let you know how I get on.

Here is the first photo!

Eco Warrior, originally uploaded by xrrr.

One down, 29+ to go!

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