Sunday, 6 April 2008

Gateway to the Summer

Pewley Down, originally uploaded by Me (?).

It was my birthday last week and in the past few years I have been calling my birthday "The Gateway to the Summer". This is because the clocks change to British Summer Time usually a few days before my birthday and spring normally starts springing around this time of year.

Spring is in the air!?, originally uploaded by Me (?).

Imagine my surprise to wake up this morning to find a blizzard going on outside the house! We had a good 6cm or so of snow this morning and it was a great morning for a walk out onto Pewley Down. Lots of other people had the same idea and were out walking in the 'winter' wonderland, having snowball fights, sledging and building snowmen.

Pewley Down in the Spring, originally uploaded by Me (?).

It is now gone 2 in the afternoon and most of the snow has melted in the sunshine but it was fun whilst it lasted :-)

The Thaw, originally uploaded by Me (?).

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